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Social Media Marketing

Organic and Paid SEO

Social media describes the practices people use to share their opinions, experiences perspectives online through blogs, message boards, audio and video podcasts, wikis, social media news sites & social network sites


  • More website traffic from social media web sites
  • 2. Improved customer relationships through more intense customer management
  • 3. More brand visibility through viral messages that travel throughout the social web and active participation in the target communities
  • 4. More involvement people

Measuring ROI

  • 1. Number of leads or sales your blog produces
  • 2. Number of evangelists and fans on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Facebook has
  • 3. The traffic generated by bloggers and social media users for your site.
  • 4. Conversion rate for each of your social Media tools.

Organizations need to optimize their online presence and branding with social media marketing. Goal should be to understand how to use social networks to find leads, increase sales, and improve branding via digital marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing is a cumulative process that produces success with persistent and consistent execution. Need to develop a strategy defining audience to reach them.

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