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Link Building

The whole purpose behind link building or link development is to prove the link popularity of a website or to improve the number of incoming links to a website.


  • Generates targeted website traffic.
  • Increase link popularity and thereby higher rankings in the organic search engine search results.
  • Builds brand awareness through increased online visibility.
  • Lifts brand-awareness.
Measuring ROI


  • Number of affiliate links.
  • Number of reciprocal links.
  • Number of directory submissions.
  • Number of social bookmarking.
  • Number of deep linking.

A website link need to be exposed, and since there are millions of people online, you especially Need targeted exposure. Search engines take into account how many outbound links relate to any given web page when determining their ranking for any relevant search as well as the quality of those links. The quality of a link is determined in part by the page rank, if using Google.

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