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Facebook Advertising

Face book advertising campaigns use facebook network channel across our target audience depending on geographical location, gender, age, interests, etc.


  • Users can view 24/7 advertizing.
  • We can view our website with an immediate effect.
  • We can precise the target group.
  • Would help us to increase brand Awareness.
  • Simply Track able through Google Analytics.
  • Building relationships.
  • Community participation.
Measuring ROI
  • Number of leads or sales.
  • Traffic sources using Google Analytics and social media analytics.
  • Brand Engagement spastics like likes, Tweets, comments, Mentions.
  • Attention = Reach x Engagement.
  • Content engagement like shares, replies, clicks.

Face book Ads/ campaigns will guide the customer to the most appropriate ad type whether banner ad, text ad, contextual ad, etc depending on the demographics, gender, interests, and other parameters. Hence it is very economical to go for digital media campaigns targeting strategically exact audience.

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